Terms of service

30-60 day free installment plan.  Some items have a 30 day only installment plan. Please contact us at itsfabulist@yahoo.com, if you are interested in installing an item.

Down Payment & Term Length

Most items over $500.00 can be put on installment. A 30% down payment of the item is required. Full payment must be received within 30 or 60 days. The initial down payment is required and at least one additional payment the following month, with the balance due within 30 days.

Cancellation and Other Fees

Down Payments are non refundable. 

If you cancel an installment item before it's due date, you forfeit your deposit so please be sure, of your installment item.

Items are automatically cancelled if payment is not received within 30 or 60 days, depending on the installment agreed to. 

Installment items an non refundable and can be exchanged. They are final sale!


Layaway items, new, used, pre owned or vintage are non refundable

Please email us at itsfabulist@yahoo.com  to start an Installment Plan. Put Installment Plan in the subject field.