About Us

In a marriage, beauty and fashion make the perfect couple. Currently working behind the scenes in the beauty and fashion industry, this fashionista wanted to do something else that she loved, fashion and shopping. She realized that when you love what you do it never feels like work. After working in retail at an unique boutique on the upper east side of New York, she decided to take the wheel of her fashion sense to a different level and "It's Fab U List" was born.

While working at the boutique, through weekly emails to all her friends and family, she found that they would look forward to receiving their weekly fashion fix of discounted items. 

 So the journey began for all things "fabulist".  Resale and vintage luxury items is how it all started, However, we added Fab +, which is for sizes 14 and above, and affordable ready to wear. It's Fab U List is now inclusive to all. 

Explore It's Fab U List to enjoy and share what we love to do. The team consist of stylist, buyers and sellers and we hope to make your fashion wish list, a reality.

With the love of fashion,

It's Fab U List